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Xphe Workshop

Course Fee: US$450

Discover how to use HTRI’s graphical tool for designing, rating, and simulating plate-and-frame heat exchangers. If you work only with plate-and-frame geometries, Xphe is the software for you.

In this workshop you learn how Xphe handles single- phase and two-phase heat transfer and pressure drop for many common plates and configurations. You’ll also leave with a better understanding of the analytical methods used in Xphe.

Key Topics

  • Overview of Xphe capabilities and applications (single-plate types, multiple-plate types, frames in series, maldistribution)
  • Geometry input for plate-and-frame heat exchangers
  • Process specifications for rating, simulation, and design
  • Guidelines for specifying fluid properties
  • Introduction to HTRI analysis methods

Suggested Participants

Designers of plate-and-frame heat exchangers and process engineers who evaluate their performance