CG-6 A Comparison Between the Resistance Proration Method and the Composition Profile Method

R. G. Sardesai

The performance of the Resistance Proration method and the Composition Profile method is compared against experimental data for condensation of vapor-gas mixtures on the shellside of a shell-and-tube heat exchanger. It is observed that at low concentrations of noncondensing gases, the heat transfer coefficients calculated by the CPM and the RPM method are close to one another. However at large concentrations of noncondensing gases (> 50% gas), the calculated heat transfer coefficients tend to deviate for the two methods. The CPM method is observed to give a better prediction of the experimental data for these large concentrations of noncondensing gases. A parametric study is also presented comparing the predictions of the two methods as a function of noncondensing gas concentrations.