BX-2 High Pressure and Multicomponent Mixture Boiling in an "E" Shell Horizontal Thermosiphon Reboiler

S. B. Yilmaz

Heat transfer and hydrodynamic results are presented for an "E" shell horizontal thermosiphon reboiler with a vertical baffle cut vaporizing pure fluids and hydrocarbon mixtures with wide-boiling range at pressures ranging from near atmospheric to near critical. The effects on heat transfer of pressure level, mixture composition, exit pipe, and fouling are determined. Shellside flow boiling heat transfer coefficients for tube bundles are compared with single tube pool boiling results to determine the enhancement effects in a horizontal thermosiphon reboiler. The measured shellside temperature profiles along the vaporization path were found to be nonlinear especially with mixtures. Hydrodynamics of the horizontal thermosiphon loop are discussed with respect to pressure drop, circulation, oscillational instabilities, and liquid-vapor separation. Comparison of heat transfer and pressure drop in the "E" shell heat exchanger is made with HTRI prediction methods.