BX-10 Flow Boiling Across Horizontal Plain Tube Bundle, Part I: Data and Analysis

L. Huang

HTRI built a crossflow test section in the Multipurpose Boiling Unit (MBU) to investigate the onset of nucleate boiling (ONB) and flow boiling across tube bundles. The first of several test bundles has a 30-degree layout, a pitch ratio of 1.25, and 23 tuberows. The copper/nickel 90/10 plain tubes have an outside diameter of 15.9 mm. We constructed two windows on each side of the bundle to see boiling phenomena outside the tubes and two-phase patterns in the bundle. The information we gathered, together with other heat transfer and pressure drop measurements, provides us with valuable data to improve our flow boiling heat transfer and pressure drop methods for cross flow. This report discusses the experimental data collected using pure components of n-pentane and p-xylene. We also discuss the observed flow patterns and compare flow regime maps. We evaluate the flow boiling heat transfer and pressure drop data using Xace.