BT-7 Two-Phase Flow Instability - A State-of-the-Art Review

A. Blumenkrantz

Since the development and issue of the HTRI modified Bouré method for thermosiphon reboiler stability testing in 1973, a large body of literature has become available due to a worldwide emphasis on nuclear reactor safety studies. Therefore, a review of the field of two-phase flow instabilities was believed to be justified at this time.

This report summarizes the various types of instabilities, stressing those types most applicable in thermosiphon or forced flow reboiler design, and compares the main features of the newer methods of analysis.

The overall conclusion is that the present HTRI method can be improved in several respects, but is still believed to give a reasonable first approximation. The more advanced methods are quite complicated and costly in terms of development and maintenance. It is proposed to investigate some of the Programs (Codes) now in the public domain for applicability to future HTRI work.