BT-33 Boiling of Immiscible Mixtures in Vertical Tubes

L. Huang
2006; rev 10/2007

Many processes in petrochemical and chemical industries require boiling immiscible liquids. To provide better guidelines for predicting heat transfer and hydraulic performance of such processes, HTRI conducted experimental and analytical research on boiling n-pentane/water and p-xylene/water mixtures. This report discusses the vapor-liquid-liquid equilibrium of immiscible liquids, the azeotropic behavior of the mixture, and boiling point depression. It also provides guidelines for estimating effective liquid properties to be used for calculating boiling heat transfer coefficients and pressure drop. These guidelines are based on HTRI data gathered from a wide range of operating conditions and water concentrations. Finally, it recommends a flow boiling method to determine the vertical intube boiling heat transfer coefficient.