BT-19 Development of Pressure Drop and Pure Component Heat Transfer Methods for Intube Flow Boiling

L. Huang

This report summarizes the isothermal two-phase flow and wet-wall flow boiling data collected on the horizontal intube flow test section of the Multipurpose Boiling Unit (MBU). It also discusses the development of horizontal intube flow boiling heat transfer and pressure drop methods, including correlations for C factors for DPtpf; the liquid volume fraction, Rl; a heat flux correction factor to DPtpf; the two-phase convection factor, Ftp; and the nucleate boiling suppression factor, a.

We compared the new method for pressure drop with all wet-wall data for both pure components and mixtures, and the new methods for heat transfer with all wet-wall data for pure components. After comparing the improved methods for heat transfer with HTRI Vertical Thermosiphon Reboiler (VTR) data, we concluded that the flow boiling heat transfer methods developed for horizontal tubes were applicable to vertical tubes with a minor adjustment to the exponent for Ftp. This report also recommends future work that builds upon these findings.