BG1-7 Multicomponent Effect for Wide-Boiling-Range Mixtures

J. W. Palen

Single tube pool boiling data for a wide-boiling-range binary mixture and for a wide-boiling-range multicomponent mixture with over 30 components were compared to see whether the mass transfer resistance experienced in boiling of mixtures is a function of the number of components. Previous studies with up to five components indicated that there was little effect. However, these present data definitely show that the liquid-phase mass transfer resistance is a function not only of the boiling range, but also of the number of components. A method was developed to account for the effect of the number of components on the mixture correction to the boiling heat transfer coefficient. This new method is applicable for both binary and multicomponent hydrocarbon mixtures. It is recommended as a logical improvement which agrees with present data and qualitative feedback from the field. However, the amount of data upon which it is based is very small and further confirmation should be considered.