ACD-2.2 HTRI Air Cooler Research Plant Effect of Obstructions to Inlet Air Flow

R. B. Ritter, T. P. Cham, and J. Taborek

The HTRI air cooler research plant was initially installed in a congested area above a pipeway due to lack of research yard space. The unit included a fan guard and the fan motor was supported by beams across the air intake. Later, the air cooler was located in an open area without a fan guard and the motor support was lowered so as to not obstruct the air intake.

Removal of the fan guard gave a 15 percent improvement in overall efficiency. Reducing the fan tip clearance to zero improved efficiency by 27 percent as shown in Report ACD-2.1. Relocating from the position above the pipeway to an open yard and modifying the motor support added 23 percent to the efficiency.