AC-2 The Application of Propeller Fans to Air-Cooled Dry Heat Exchangers

D. D. Herrman

This HTRI report is an attempt to cover the highly specialized field of fan application to air-cooled heat exchangers in a manner helpful to HTRI engineers, designers, and executives. The effect of density, speed change, number of fan blades, angle change, blade width, etc. on fan performance will be covered. The influences of fan entrance and exit conditions, plenum shapes, tip clearance and obstructions to flow are discussed with no attempt to give specific design parameters.

A discussion of two independent thorough studies of the effect of plenum shape, inlet and outlet conditions, etc. is also given.

Fan vibration and balance, as well as a discussion of fan noise, is included. A short bibliography for those interested in pursuing all of the above subjects is given, as well as metric equivalents for fan use, and a glossary of fan terms.