A Look Back at 2020

Dear Members, Business Collaborators, Former Staff, and Vendors all over the world,

Please join us for a few minutes of reflection on this past year. In January 2020 we had no idea of the upheaval soon to come, but 2020 clearly has been a year unlike any other in recent history. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many aspects of our lives in troublesome or negative ways. However, it also reminded us of the need for flexibility, compromise, and change. We learned new ways to connect and communicate with people. Communities have come together to support each other. And, most of all, we have a renewed appreciation for the importance of being with family, friends, colleagues, and customers. We miss you!

As we prepare for the coming year, we are grateful for our association with you and look forward to building on the power of the HTRI consortium in 2021 and beyond.


On behalf of the Officers, HTRI staff, the Board of Directors, and the Technical Committee, I send you wishes for a safe holiday season and a New Year of good health, joyous times, and peace,

Claudette D. Beyer's Signature

Claudette D. Beyer
CEO & Chair of the Board