2017 Global Conference and Annual Meeting of Stockholders

Fairmont Château Laurier, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
September 18 - 21, 2017

Presentation Summaries and Slides

  • Analyzing plant data with SmartPM to improve margins
  • How to model immiscible condensation
  • Improved user experience in Ultra products
  • Insight into performance of tubeside falling film evaporators
  • Insights on kettle reboilers from higher fidelity CFD models
  • Lessons learned: Modeling differential condensation
  • Lessons learned: Modeling LNG vaporizers near critical point
  • Making better heat exchanger design decisions
  • Maximizing the benefits of HTRI training
  • Predicting instabilities and turndown limits in a vertical tubeside thermosiphon reboiler
  • Thermal performance of new welded plate heat exchanger

Poster Summaries

  • CFD simulation of plate heat exchangers
  • Characterizing surface roughness
  • Crystallization fouling: Local vs. integral fouling resistance (Technische Universität Braunschweig, Institute for Chemical and Thermal Process Engineering, Germany)
  • Enhancing performance with hybrid wet-dry air coolers
  • Fouling program: Outlook 2018
  • Investigating two-phase flow maldistribution in headers
  • New air-cooler unit at Research & Technology Center

The above collection of session materials is available for download to conference attendees. The conference materials can be purchased by members for $399. For information on purchasing the 2017 Global Conference and Annual Meeting of Stockholders materials, contact registration@htri.net.