2016 Global Conference and Annual Meeting of Stockholders

The Fairmont Olympic Hotel, Seattle, Washington, USA
September 19 - 22, 2016

Presentation Summaries and Slides

  • Design considerations for HTRI test air cooler
  • HTRI condensation research: Increasing confidence in condensation methods
  • HTRI fouling program: Progress and outlook
  • Impact of surface roughness on single-phase heat transfer and pressure drop
  • Lessons learned: Falling film evaporators
  • Lessons learned: Lower liquid level in kettles
  • Lessons learned: Momentum recovery in vacuum condensers
  • A mass transfer model for multicomponent condensation
  • Modeling shell-and-tube exchangers in process simulators
  • Phase-change testing in a shell-and-plate heat exchanger
  • Pressure drop and flow regime map for large pipes with vertical upflow
  • Shellside longitudinal liquid-phase and flow boiling heat transfer for vertical plain tube bundles
  • Techniques for interpreting CFD results
  • Xfh® Ultra: New fired heater software

Poster Summaries

  • Design of HTRI kettle reboiler test unit
  • Falling film visualization test results
  • Fired heater research: Two-phase flow visualization inside a vertical serpentine loop
  • Investigating the impact of flashing and pressure on fouling
  • Laser scanning microscope 3/4-in. plain tube survey
  • Plate-fin test rig
  • Prediction of fouling resistance with neural network software
  • Reduce heat exchanger biofouling with I2 vapor infusion
  • Sensor tube for heat exchanger monitoring
  • Shellside vacuum condensation

The above collection of session materials is available for download to conference attendees. The conference materials can be purchased by members for $399. For information on purchasing the 2016 Global Conference and Annual Meeting of Stockholders materials, contact registration@htri.net.