2015 Global Conference and Annual Meeting of Stockholders

The Ritz-Carlton, St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri, USA
September 21 - 25, 2015

Presentation Summaries and Slides

  • Air-cooler Headers: Predicting Pressure Drop and Flow Distribution
  • Airside CFD Simulations of Forced-draft API Air Coolers
  • Boiling on Enhanced Surfaces
  • Demystifying Physical Property Generation Packages for Common HTRI Calculations
  • Edgeview: Data-driven Performance Analysis from HTRI
  • Exchanger Optimizer
  • Initial Crude Oil Tests in Rotating Fouling Unit
  • Lessons Learned with CFD
  • Liquid Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop in Shell-and-plate Heat Exchanger
  • New HTRI Single-zone Fired Heater Software
  • New Transition Criteria for Shellside Flow Regime Map
  • Nuances of Xist Piping Input Options
  • Open Issues Modeling Vertical Tubeside Thermosiphons
  • Recent Water Fouling Research and Future Plans
  • Shellside Vacuum Condensation
  • Testing Wire-wrapped Core Tube Inserts
  • Thermosiphon Test Results from Prototype Test Unit
  • Understanding Hairpin Heat Exchangers
  • Understanding Viscosity
  • Vibration Analysis of U-tubes
  • Void Fraction in Large Diameter Pipes with Vertical Upflow

Poster Summaries

  • Measuring Air Flow for API Forced-draft Air Cooler
  • Phoenix: HTRI Software Renewed
  • Predictions of Intube Condensation Measurements of Ethane/Propane Mixtures at Georgia Tech
  • Reduce Bio-fouling with I2 Vapor Infusion
  • Shellside Reflux Condensation
  • Viscosity Measurement and Prediction Methods