2013 Global Conference and Annual Meeting of Stockholders

The Ritz-Carlton, Denver, Colorado, USA
September 23 - 27, 2013

This collection contains the technical presentations from the 2013 HTRI Global Conference:

  • Analysis of Fouling Rate and Propensity for Eight Crude Oil Samples in Annular Test Section
  • Application and Calculation of Critical Pressure in Reboiler Design
  • Assessing Sealing Device Performance
  • Boiling Outside Low-finned Tubes
  • Condensation Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Measurement for Pure Hydrocarbons and Mixtures in Plain Tubes
  • Condensation Pressure Drop and Heat Transfer in an Inclined Tube
  • Flow Regimes for Large Pipes
  • How Tube Inserts Work
  • HTRI Software: What's Next
  • HTRI Xchanger Suite® 7 Release and Service Packs
  • Lessons Learned: Getting Comfortable with Version 7
  • Mixed Convection Heat Transfer in Horizontal Tubes
  • Modeling of Thermosiphon Transient Behavior
  • Pressure Drop of Vacuum Condensation in a Vertical Tube
  • Review of Stream Analysis for Refactored Software
  • Shellside Flow Regimes