Design and simulate plate-fin exchangers

A fully incremental program, Xpfe® contains pointwise methods based on extensive experimental data. The heat transfer and pressure drop correlations are continually improved as a result of our ongoing research program. And as part of HTRI Xchanger Suite®, Xpfe lets you quickly transfer applicable case data to other components like Xist®.


  • Xpfe models axial and crossflow configurations.
  • Incremental calculations provide localized profiles for heat transfer and pressure drop.
  • Detailed output reports provide overall and localized results.
  • Extensive visualization tools show exactly how the exchanger is performing.
  • Integrated physical property system eliminates requirement for additional property generation software. Xchanger Suite includes VMGThermo™, an extensive and rigorous fluid physical property generator, from Virtual Materials Group, Inc.
  • Xpfe loads input files from HTFS™, Honeywell’s UniSim® Plate-Fin Exchanger Modeler, and AspenTech’s Aspen Plate Fin Exchanger products. Xpfe also integrates with Honeywell’s UniSim® Design process simulator.
  • Both input and output support multiple unit sets, and custom unit sets can be defined.

Geometry Specifications

Xpfe Sections Panel
  • Axial and crossflow configurations
  • Horizontal, vertical, and inclined exchangers
  • Up to 360 layers per exchanger
  • Plain, serrated, wavy, and perforated fin types
  • Aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, or user-defined exchanger material
  • Up to 20 process streams
  • Up to 20 fin types per exchanger
  • Full, diagonal, indirect, mitered, and hardway distributor types

Calculation Features

  • Single-phase, condensing, or boiling process fluids
  • Splitting and combining redistribution
  • Kettle and thermosiphon reboilers
  • Multiple banking of layers
  • Layer-by-layer or common wall temperature calculation modes
  • Multiple fin types per process fluid
  • User-defined flow maldistribution
  • Longitudinal conduction through fins

Design Tools

  • Design mode for axial flow exchangers
  • No geometry data required
  • Optional entry of partial geometry
  • Design constraints (e.g., allowable pressure drop)

Output Reports

Xpfe Output Summary
  • Extensive set of spreadsheet-style output reports that can be printed or exported to Microsoft® Excel®
  • Summary reports with overall results in one or two pages
  • Detailed reports for local profiles of all important parameters (temperature, pressure, heat transfer coefficients, heat flux, etc.)
  • Selectable font sizes to make reports easy to view
  • Customizable unit sets that can be changed dynamically as you work

Graphic Visualization

Xpfe 2D Graph
  • 2D and 3D scaled drawings provide visual confirmation of exchanger geometry
  • 2D and 3D plots of local performance variables allow you to quickly spot any performance issues such as an internal temperature pinch
  • Flow configuration tool allows graphical layout of stream arrangement