Xfh® Ultra 1.1 Beta Coming Soon

HTRI is seeking beta testers for the upcoming Xfh Ultra 1.1 beta. If you are an HTRI member and interested in participating in the beta, contact BetaTesters@HTRI.net.

What’s new in Xfh Ultra 1.1

  • Extended output reporting
    • Print or save the full details of a case to more file formats, including PDF, DOCX, or HTML.
    • View additional output variables in tables and graphs.
  • Calculations with multiple fuels 
    • Use multiple fuels combined from a variety of sources, such as refinery gas, fuel oil, natural gas, or combustible waste.
  • Rigorous heat loss
    • Apply methods from the ASTM C680 standard to calculate firebox heat loss and casing temperatures from refractory and insulation details.
    • Calculate stack heat loss and predict condensation based on lining details.
  • Fluid property import from the KBC Petro-Sim process simulator