Xfh Ultra 2.0 Coming Soon!

A new version of Xfh Ultra®, HTRI’s general-purpose fired heater modeling software, will be released soon. Xfh Ultra 2.0 provides improved calculations for refinery operations. Users can easily explore operating scenarios to increase capacity and performance, helping to minimize energy loss and shutdown time.

New capabilities in Xfh Ultra 2.0 include

  • multiple dissimilar fireboxes and flue gas mixers
  • interactive fired heater flowsheet
  • 3D diagrams of the firebox and associated radiant coils
  • new arbor coil type
  • improvements to the convection section
  • external piping and connections
  • ability to specify steam injection points
  • defining atomizing steam as part of a liquid fuel
  • ability to report flow regime parameters

For more information on Xfh Ultra, contact htri@htri.net.