Xfh Ultra

Next generation software for rating and simulating fired heaters

Xfh Ultra
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Xfh® Ultra, HTRI's general-purpose fired heater modeling tool, is the first of the next generation of HTRI thermal process design and simulation software products. It incorporates the latest best practices for software design and modular architecture for faster processing. 

Firebox heat transfer is simulated using a single-zone model that has the flexibility to handle most fired heater configurations. Xfh Ultra helps simplify fired heater designs to increase capacity and performance and to minimize energy loss and shutdown time.

User benefits:
•    Incorporates a new graphical interface that reduces learning time and increases efficiency
•    Simplifies fired heater modeling to increase capacity and performance
•    Helps evaluate the impact of changes in processes or equipment
•    Minimizes energy loss and unplanned shutdowns
•    Improves heater troubleshooting capacity

Version 1.1 extends calculation and data import/export capabilities including

  • Calculations with multiple fuels from a variety of sources
  • Rigorous heat loss calculations
    • Apply methods from the ASTM C680 standard to calculate firebox heat loss and casing temperatures from refractory and insulation details
    • Calculate stack heat loss and predict condensation based on lining details
  • Fluid property import from the KBC Petro-Sim process simulator
  • Enhanced output reporting to include additional variables and file formats, including PDF, DOCX, or HTML

Click here to read about the upcoming version of Xfh Ultra 2.0.


Xfh Ultra Interactive Fired Heater Diagram
Use the interactive fired heater diagram to easily define stream connectivity.


Contact htri@htri.net for more information on Xfh Ultra.