Xchanger Suite® 8 is coming soon!

David Gibbons, Director, Engineering Software Development

Over the past year HTRI has shared exciting news about Xfh® Ultra, SmartPM, and Exchanger Optimizer. It is now time for Xchanger Suite, our flagship product, to take center stage.

Xchanger Suite 8 combines improvements to existing features with significant new functionality and enhancements. Beta testing of the next version is approaching.

So what can you expect?

A New Look

The facelift is more than simple cosmetic changes. In addition to a new toolbar and ribbon bar, Xchanger Suite 8 includes new features that make your job easier. To generate physical properties, you now have fewer required panels, providing a more natural flow to input. The property tables themselves provide a better selection of individual points. After property tables are created, the program automatically generates graphs of all properties so they are just a single click away. You can also save user-defined graphs to quickly see the data presented the way you want.

Xchanger Suite 8 property graphs
Graphs of all properties are generated automatically


New and Updated Methods

HTRI research has continued to provide effective methods for our software products. Xchanger Suite 8 features new or improved methods for heat transfer, pressure drop, enhanced surfaces, water fouling, and more. Improvements to the pressure drop and liquid holdup calculations have been made for the pipework associated with thermosiphon reboilers.

New Design Optimization Option

When we say our software helps you design heat exchangers, we mean it does more than just work through a large grid of different parametric combinations.

The new Smart Design option employs heuristics to find the best shell size, tubepass arrangement, baffle spacing, and tube length. The aim is to get as close as possible to a design that can actually be built. Smart Design can then be combined with a grid approach for other parameters such as the shell type or baffle type. Compared to a Grid Design for all parameters, the Smart Design approach reduces the number of combinations that need to be evaluated. Smart Design calculations are performed by the Xist Ultra engine, which is embedded in Xchanger Suite 8. The Xist Ultra engine is part of our refactoring effort and generates results rapidly.

Xchanger Suite 8 Design Run Log
Designs from the new Smart Design feature


New Costing Calculations

Xchanger Suite 8 includes integration of Exchanger Optimizer. If you have licensed and installed Exchanger Optimizer, you can choose to cost exchangers directly from within Version 8. To find out more about Exchanger Optimizer, visit https://www.htri.net/exchanger-optimizer.

Xchanger Suite 8 accessing exchanger costing
Access exchanger costing directly from Xchanger Suite


Xchanger Suite 8 is set to debut later this year. Are you ready?