Installation tips for the Xchanger Suite® 8 beta

New installation features make beta testing easier than ever, as you can now test Xchanger Suite 8 without affecting your existing use of Xchanger Suite 7.

Xchanger Suite 8 beta incorporates

  • redesigned installation

Version 8 installation is redesigned from the ground up to use the latest Microsoft® Installer technology. This streamlined installer is easier to use, with major improvements for companies that handle their own internal distribution.

  • independent, side-by-side installations

Install Xchanger Suite 8 beta without compromising your existing installation. New versions of Xchanger Suite no longer overwrite previous versions. Every version can be installed and uninstalled independently. You can have version 7.3.2, version 8 beta, and any future releases like 8.0 and 8.1 installed at the same time on the same computer. Run detailed comparisons between versions and view the results.

  • registration improvements

Even with multiple versions installed, you can easily choose the default version for opening case files or integrating with other software. You can also change the registered version without the need to Run as Administrator at any time or switch back to Xchanger Suite 7 when beta testing is complete.

  • licensing improvements

If you have a valid license for Xchanger Suite 7, you can use Xchanger Suite 8 beta. No license changes or updates are needed.

Download the Xchanger Suite 8 beta  today!