Xchanger Suite® 8 beta coming soon

The beta for Xchanger Suite 8 will be available for download in August 2018. Beta testing will run through the end of September 2018. This is your opportunity to try the new version and provide comments that could improve the software prior to its full release. Contact betatesters@htri.net if you are an HTRI member and would like to participate in the beta.

Xchanger Suite 8 will include many new features and updates. While the release notes will provide a complete list, some of the significant changes include

  • new or improved methods
    Twenty new or improved heat transfer and pressure drop methods are based on ongoing research at HTRI.
  • new design capability for Xist®
    A new rating engine with faster logic (Xist Ultra) will provide more rigor than the older “shortcut” engine and help ensure that you determine the best buildable design. A revamped design view accommodates all of the new design options.
  • redesigned physical properties input
    New options simplify the input of physical property data. In addition, Version 8 offers extended graphing of the data, improved point selection, and a weighted temperature option.
  • updated navigation
    Version 8 will now allow you to choose between a new ribbon bar or the more familiar toolbar. The user interface also provides tooltips showing alternative units of measure for inputs and outputs without having to change the units system. In the output section, you can now define and save the layouts for your own graphs, allowing for easy retrieval.
  • improved installation process
    The new installation process is more straightforward for all users, particularly larger companies that handle their own internal distribution.
  • optional integration with Exchanger Optimizer™
    Installed with Xchanger Suite but licensed separately, Exchanger Optimizer can provide a cost analysis of your shell-and-tube or air-cooled heat exchanger. When you run your case, Exchanger Optimizer can be set up to run simultaneously. The cost analysis will then be included with the standard reports in Xist or Xace®.

Be one of the first to experience the improvements in Xchanger Suite 8. Contact HTRI today to become a beta tester!