Xchanger Suite® 8.1 now available

HTRI announces the release of Xchanger Suite 8.1. Licensed users can now download this latest version from the Downloads page.

Considered to be the most advanced thermal process design and simulation software, Xchanger Suite designs, rates, and simulates a variety of heat transfer equipment. All Xchanger Suite components are highly flexible, allowing rigorous specification of the exchanger geometry.

Xchanger Suite 8.1 improves accuracy and usability by making improvements and corrections in the following areas:  

  • User interface
  • Data input and data check
  • Calculation procedures
  • Program outputs
  • Single-phase methods
  • Condensing methods
  • Boiling methods
  • Physical properties
  • Tube layout
  • External interfaces

For a more detailed description of these changes, view Xchanger Suite's About Version 8.1.