Dynamic dashboard reporting leads list of new features in SmartPMTM 3.1

HTRI announces the release of SmartPM 3.1, its performance monitoring and predictive maintenance software for shell-and-tube heat exchanger networks. SmartPM 3.1 focuses on extended functionality and improved reporting.

The performance dashboard transforms key performance indicators into actionable insights – all from a single location. Visualize and derive actions based on comprehensive cleaning schedules, cost analyses, and resulting net benefits. The normalized furnace inlet temperature (NFIT) calculation, reported in the dashboard, lets you estimate historic daily fouling costs, supporting SmartPM’s cleaning recommendations. Quick status review for all exchangers and for the entire network, for historic and simulated conditions with and without exchanger cleaning, is provided in the dashboard via ratios of overall heat transfer coefficient for operational and cleaned conditions (U/Uclean). 

In addition to expanded reporting capabilities, SmartPM 3.1  

  • extends HTRI methods for calculation of two-phase film heat transfer coefficients and pressure drops
  • advances usability with editable tables of geometry values, display of component names on graphs, specification of separate inlet/outlet nozzle diameters, and addition of tube wall material specification
  • includes the ModelView module as an option for displaying all historic and predicted data within a locked network model
SmartPM 3.1 Performance Dashboard
SmartPMTM Performance Dashboard

Contact SmartPM@htri.net for more information.