HTRI SmartPM™ 4.1 beta now available

The beta for HTRI SmartPM 4.1 is now available for licensed users on the Downloads page. This is your opportunity to try the new beta version and provide comments that could improve the software prior to its full release.

SmartPM uses plant monitoring data and HTRI’s detailed proprietary heat exchanger calculation methods to evaluate past performance and predict future refinery throughput, energy consumption, emissions, and optimum heat exchanger maintenance schedules.

  • SmartPM 4.1 offers new capabilities, includingConnection of SmartPM to OSIsoft PI System™ for two-way data transfer
  • Use of different cleaning costs for online cleaning and cleaning at shutdown
  • New options for assessing benefits of cleaning at shutdown
  • Option to use automatic soft sensors to improve estimate in poorly instrumented complex configurations
  • Presentation of time-varying Standard Flow values for all streams
  • Additional user option for correcting heat duty mismatches to prevent error propagation throughout networks
  • Time-varying flow rate visualization through stream scaling on model canvas
  • Option for fixed reduced network throughput associated with exchangers being offline for cleaning where reduced throughput cannot be determined by using either the furnace firing capacity limit or the network pumping capacity
  • Use of scaling parameters for fouling prediction for heat exchangers where fouling mitigation devices (such as a bundle vibration device) are attached or heat exchangers with different metallurgy (such as stainless steel)
  • Rank exchanger table to display FIT change at the end of the benefit realization period
  • Import of cleaning cost and duration from Microsoft® Excel® worksheets
  • Removal of default text in new tags
  • Separate temperature and pressure drop entries for the loss component to be used under different calculation scenarios (data reconciliation, simulation, scheduling, and NFIT calculations)
  • Component Quick View turned off during startup
  • Display of stream bulk temperature added to exchanger overview plot
  • New unit of kcal/kg for vapor properties Total Enthalpy and Latent Heat
  • Simulation results shown in stream data visuals, in addition to Tag and Data Reconciliation results
  • Heat Duty Correction Factor auto-populated for NFIT calculation
  • Option to Save As (Reduced Data), enabling removal of Crude Slate information

Send all comments, questions, or problems with the SmartPM 4.1 beta to by Friday, August 30, 2019.

We greatly appreciate your participation in the beta testing and look forward to your feedback.