Product Spotlight: XSimOp™ ShellTube

The first version of XSimOp ShellTube is now available and fully integrated in UniSim® Design Suite Release 450.

David Gibbons, Director, Engineering Software Development
September 15, 2016

HTRI software development has traditionally focused on modeling a specific piece of heat transfer equipment. To provide the best predictions of heat exchanger performance, HTRI has supported the development of software by carrying out research to develop a wealth of correlations and models.

Until now, HTRI has provided links to Xchanger Suite® for a number of process simulators. Some links are more direct than others. Some are customized to the specific process simulator while others use a more generic linkage through CAPE-OPEN. However, process simulators typically require faster calculations than our current software can provide.

HTRI XSimOp™ ShellTube is the first of a new generation of products. It has been specifically designed to be operated within a process simulator. Although it has fewer features than Xist® and is not as rigorous, it provides fast and accurate heat transfer and pressure drop calculations for a shell-and-tube heat exchanger. The predictive model determines the outlet conditions from the inlet conditions based on the exchanger geometry. The methods, backed by HTRI research, cover any appropriate combination of single-phase liquid, boiling, condensing, and single-phase vapor calculations.

While incorporating the HTRI correlations and models used in Xist, XSimOp ShellTube was developed for the faster speeds that process simulators require. The improved speed depends on the particular problem being solved, but in one benchmark case using UniSim® Design, XSimOp ShellTube is over twenty times faster than Xist.

The first version of XSimOp ShellTube is now available and fully integrated in UniSim Design R450, with future integrations planned for other process simulators. Contact for more information about this new, innovative product.