Product Spotlight: Xchanger Suite 7.3 Beta Ready for Download

Acclaimed HTRI software Xchanger Suite® and its components have many new features designed to make your job easier. Licensed users can download the beta now.

Jack Schneider, Vice President, Software Development
October 11, 2016

The beta for Xchanger Suite 7.3 is now available for download for all licensed users via the HTRI webpage. To access the download area, you must first log in to the HTRI website.

This release includes new features and updates to programs across the entire Xchanger Suite line. Some highlights include:

  • We added an option to specify an initial heat load estimate for simulation calculations in Xist, Xhpe, and Xjpe to speed execution and improve chances of convergence.
  • Initial heat load guess and convergence logic was enhanced to improve execution speed in Xist, Xhpe, and Xjpe.
  • The issue of calculated pressure drops exceeding operating pressure in Xist, Xhpe, Xjpe, and Xace has been mitigated by limiting local pressures in each increment to a low limit, which allows calculations to continue and provide some answer. Warnings are issued when this occurs.
  • New heat transfer and hydraulic methods have been implemented in Xist to handle kettle bundles partially submerged in liquid.
  • New pressure drop methods have been implemented for U-tube bends in Xist.
  • Tubeside mist flow heat transfer correlations are now available for falling film evaporators in Xist.
  • Updates were made to the shellside heat transfer coefficients and pressure drop for un-baffled exchangers.
  • Shellside convective boiling heat transfer correlations have been revised for TEMA type F, G, and H shells.
  • Shellside reflux condenser flooding methods were refined to better predict flooding potential in critical areas of the exchanger.
  • New shellside flow regime boundary correlation has been added to predict potential for phase separation for horizontal exchangers with boiling.
  • The Fair flow regime map has been added for vertical tubeside boiling in Xist.
  • The shellside condensation heat transfer coefficients have been reviewed and updated to resolve a few discrepancies between code implementation and the Design Manual and research reports.
  • New logic was added for determining flow areas under nozzles located at or beyond U-bends in Xist.
  • New logic for determining baffle spacing, number, and placement has been added for hairpin exchangers in Xhpe.
  • Vibration analysis has been added for hairpin exchangers in Xhpe.
  • We added the ability to export HTRI drawings to multiple drawing file formats.
  • Several new features related to physical properties generation were added, including:
  • The ability to copy process fluid conditions to/from the Property Generator form and the associated Process Fluid form.
  • Access to a new Multiple Liquids Worksheet from the Grid properties form. The worksheet allows users to specify properties for the individual liquid phases as well as the desired mixing rule package. The resulting mixture properties can then be transferred back to the Grid Properties form.
  • We added CAS numbers for use during search and display of results in the compound list.
  • The VMGThermo property databank has been updated to version 9.5.
  • Improvements were made to tube layout to better honor alignment across passlanes and to resolve some issues with interactively moving passlanes.
  • A new Draft Profile report and graphs were added to Xfh.

Please refer to the release notes for a complete list of new features and improvements.