Product Spotlight: New Fired Heater Software, Xfh Ultra Beta

Three years ago HTRI began refactoring and modernizing the existing Xchanger Suite® code base. Xfh Ultra is the first module of the newly branded Xchanger Suite Ultra to be released. If you are interested in this beta, please send requests to

Xfh Ultra is a general-purpose fired heater program with a single-zone firebox model and fully integrated convection section calculation. Highlights of the new module include the following:

  • Flexible, single zone approach to firebox modeling, able to handle most firebox shapes and tube configurations, including previously problematic cases such as helical coils, double tuberows, and "mixed" arrangements with both wall and central tubes
  • Improved user experience with modern user interface, featuring an interactive diagram for defining stream and coil connectivity; the ease of use makes the software straightforward for infrequent users and allows rapid case setup and execution

    Figure 1. Interactive fired heater diagram for defining stream connectivity

  • Integrated convection section calculation with bare, finned, serrated, and studded tubes with a rigorous evaluation of radiation from firebox to shock tubes
  • HTRI tubeside heat transfer and pressure drop methods in single-phase and two-phase boiling flow
  • Enhanced physical property calculations using a dynamic generation approach which adjusts to the required conditions; fixed property tables are also available
  • Detailed incremental tubeside calculations in the firebox and convection section, providing process fluid conditions and other important parameters such as peak flux, film, and tube temperatures at each calculation point
  • Calculation of draft (i.e., flue gas side pressure) through the firebox, convection section, and stack
  • Summarized reporting of key parameters for the overall fired heater and individual coil performance

    Figure 2. Convection coil input form

Depending on feedback from the beta testers, the commercial release of Xfh Ultra is expected to be in late March or early April, 2017.