Edgeview® 1.0 beta is now available

Edgeview® is a trend analysis tool that assists process engineers in troubleshooting heat exchanger operations. Using a time-based table of operating data, Edgeview reconciles the data by removing gross errors and rapidly calculates a number of performance indicators for shell-and-tube heat exchangers. The software’s parallel-processing features allow users to execute a rigorous Xist® case at multiple operating points more than eight times faster than running the cases in Xist alone. The software highlights performance shortfalls, making it easy for users to generate cases for thorough troubleshooting.

The beta for Edgeview 1.0 is now available for licensed users on the Downloads page. This is your opportunity to try the new beta version and provide feedback prior to its full release. All comments must be submitted to betatesters@htri.net by March 31, 2020.

Two examples of where Edgeview has been used:

  • Stab-in reboiler performance: For accurate performance simulation of a stab-in reboiler, Edgeview analyzed more than 7000 data records. The analysis distinguished between fouling and other degradation mechanisms, while assessing reboiler performance with enhanced tubes installed.
  • Thermosiphon reboiler monitor: A customized operator dashboard was created to observe the onset of film boiling and loss of circulation of a vertical tubeside thermosiphon in real time. The project demonstrated that Edgeview could process thermosiphon data quickly enough to provide real-time monitoring.