2019 Heat Exchanger Fouling & Cleaning Conference

Register now and join other industry and academia experts at the 2019 Heat Exchanger Fouling & Cleaning Conference. Held in Józefów, Warsaw, Poland on June 2 – 7, 2019, this conference provides a unique opportunity to facilitate innovative thinking in the area of heat exchanger fouling and cleaning. Through the sharing of ideas, discussion of research results, and introduction of new technology, conference attendees will look for ways to avoid or, better yet, solve the complex fouling problem.

Attendees will be able to participate in informative presentations and poster sessions, as well as interactive ad hoc discussions. Social activities—meals, evening receptions, and an offsite excursion—are also planned. To encourage maximum interaction and avoid parallel sessions, the conference registration is limited to 120 participants.

For more information on the conference, download the conference flyer or visit www.heatexchanger-fouling.com/.